With faster and more efficient assembly and manpower allocation, the unit completion deadline was met. It wouldn't be possible if we still use the old style and materials of fabrication.

Our mission

Committed in providing the best Service and Technical Support that tends to be national & globally recognized as the manufacturer and supplier of Wireline units & equipment products which includes after sales support and training.

To provide, supply and support the demand of the Sultanate's Oil and Gas Industry with High quality Wireline Units and Equipment using global safety standards of manufacturing and engineering.

Our values

Our company desire for what we do comes through in every area of our business. We are assured, committed and open minded, which enables us to forerunner new and better solutions and methods, whether analysing data or at the negotiating table.

Our team members will always do the right thing with respect to safety, business, and protection of the environment. Our strong economic discipline and accountability ensure we are operating with the highest oil and gas industry standards and remaining practical in our risk-taking

Oman weos wireline truck unit oil gas industry

What we offer


We manufactured state of the art and customize wireline truck unit for oil and gas industry, according to clients need and requirements


Wireline Enterprises and Oilfield Services LLC (WEOS) offered Design, Build, Modification and Comprehensive Assembly of whole spectrum wireline trucks units such as E-Line, Slickline, Mast, Skid, Trailer, Combo E-Line/Slickline


Slickline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run a variety of tools down into the wellbore for several purposes. It is used during well drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. It is used to lower and raise downhole tools used in oil and gas well maintenance to the appropriate depth of the drilled well.


E- Line are electric cables that transmit data about the well. Consisting of single strands or multi-strands, the wireline is used for both well intervention and formation evaluation operations. In other words, E-Line are useful in gathering data about the well in logging activities, as well as in workover jobs that require data transmittal


A control cabin operator’s works in the control panel at a wireline facility, the primary job responsibilities are monitoring the operation of a field-base position responsible for recording data from a range of geophysical wireline tools and directional drill surveying equipment.


Wireline Enterprises and Oilfield Service LLC (WEOS) can craft the unit you require. From custom built combination units and portable skids, with plenty of options and customizations, you’ll have the ability to create wireline trucks and skids that suit your operations perfectly. Transportable, rugged and self-contained.


The main controller monitors information from different component of the system and executes the operation selected by the user via the HMI display. An auto mode and a manual mode are available from the system. Real-time data sharing and Communication by Internet anywhere and with any device supported.