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Concept, Vision and Idea

We use our resouces and full time to to think and search for an idea, finalize the concept, and then execute the idea to make it possible and profitable. We highly consider and value our customer's feedback regarding their needs. We never stop looking for innovation that would help the industry grow.


After the concept and idea we execute all possibilities and design range by using world class engineering softwares, world recognized Genuine products - such as Benchmark Wireline USA, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth and for exterior & interior  we have a long term relationship with most of finest company from Europe especially from France. Our flexible designs makes us uniquely different from the market as we can adjust every unit as per customer's request and needs.

transparent test tojobsite

To Job Site

After extensive job from designing to excution, each unit goes through major safety and quality tests. From the main controls to the winch area, from the truck cabin and underneath pumps we secure each body of the unit before sending them out. Our trucks were specifically designed to adapt on every temperature condition. We are almost 24/7 on call for any technical support that our client needs. 

Wireline Enterprises and Oilfield Services LLC(WEOS) works together with many manufacturers of Wireline Trucks for oil and gas industry, We provide wide range variety of wireline equipment including Mast, Skid , Trailer and Truck units for both slickline, e-line and logging. We also design the wire line cabin, fabricate the drums and chassis and do any other customer-requested modifications to the unit. We give and serve what customers want, however on our part we analyze, suggest and offer the finest tools and system with the best service that each unit needs.

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